/v/irgin 2.0 Parking Page


This is the temporary parking page for the future "Vidya" website. 
For some time now, I have always wanted to make a website but never had a subject to focus on or no real purpose or reason to develop an entire website. The reason being is that, in todays W3, people expect dynamic websites and will only expect a certain level of static websites if they are going to be websites for purely referential information (wikis, guides, web forums, e-store fronts, et al).

The other reason is there have been a lot of smaller, subjects and experiments involving the web that I have had in mind and have not brought myself to put them out there given that they're too small and I've always wanted to have a compound or expansive (functionality-wise) to have a reason to continue develop a website.
Well now I do: a video game news resource web link portal, a Doom Map Making and Mods guide mini website (all done by a complete amateur that has never made maps before), and a Minecraft Calulator.

Video Game News and Resource Link Portal

There are many resources that unfortunately require for one to waste time in going through Social Network Sites (SNS) in order to find information. This means having to go through search engines, other SNS platform profiles before finally getting through to the information that you need. I believe that a simple index directory of websites that are relevant, with some organization sporatic updating. This is the plan for now although I hope that later on it can be updated further.

A version of this section of the website overall will be released on Gitlab so that people can customize and update the listing directory to the manner that they believe is simply more relevant to them and so they can use it as a personal homepage or personal web portal directory to use when they are in need for finding information on video game and video game content or creation.

Doom Map Making

Doom is a really cool game. But it's much cooler when you can make maps for some of the most intense mods such as Brutal Doom and Project Brutality.  and that is what I aim to do with this section. It'll serve as a place for me to make map releases as well as mini-website for which you can find links and resources for map making and other guides existing that can help you make maps of your own and not just play them!

Minecraft Calculator

I am a fan of Minecraft and am delighted in the addition of the crafting book feature in the game that was introduced since version 1.12.0. This feature has made new players no longer be simply be directed to memorize what is on the official Minecraft Wiki

But this quickly starts offering incentives for new players to be, not only up to speed, but having to face the challenges that involve resource management that more experienced players of Minecraft have themselves often had to face and figure out when they have a particular building or expedition goal during a Survival Mode (wether in Normal or Hard difficulties) and this involves some mathematics.

So instead of having to sit in front of a spreadsheet to calculate or having to jot down any notes about how much might cost, you can just use a web based calculator to figure out how much something might cost. Hopefully a useful tool for your adventures when having to make decisions that may result in not having to put so much time into playing an entire campaign of mincraft and get to finally slaying the Ender Dragon and The Wither!
Or for when you're experimenting in Creative mode.